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Adoption Program 


Adopting families: Adopted families are assisted with rent, utility bills, and grocery. Adult(s) of the family are taught skills (fluency in English, driving, work essentials) to get a job. Once the family becomes stable, we try to relocate them to better neighborhoods to improve their quality of life. Once a family is independant, we move on to adopting a new family.







Mentor Program


Project Hope Atlanta and Tauba Academy work together to pair college students with teenage Clarkston residents for this Mentor Program. The aim for this program is to guide the teenagers through college application process, keep them focused in school, and assist them with anything their parents aren’t able to due to lack of cultural understanding. 



Education Enhancement 


Sponsor Better Education: Project Hope Atlanta is currently working on sponsoring kids to attend Tauba Academy instead of the public schools in Dekalb county. The public schools of the area are of 5 or below ratings and the refugee students are becoming victims of intense bullying and violence. We want to enable the kids in Clarkston to get a quality education and prepare them for college. 

ESL Classes and Homework Help Lab: We offer free ESL classes for adults and tutoring sessions for all grade levels for kids in school on the weekends.

We have also started offering SAT/ACT prep classes for high school students. 




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